JHHS Wildlife Management Class

      I am fortunate to have a strong background in this area with field experiences from College until this day and I try to apply that knowledge and experience to my students.  JHHS Wildlife Manage Classes focus on mainly four strong categories.   First we study the career and all of the topics it takes to have the back ground of being a Fisheries Biologist.  We do fish indentifications, and spend time in the Kansas Pond Management and Nebraska Pond Management Manuals.  We will take time repairing nets and setting the Gilled net and Modified Flyke traps (hoop nets).  With these nets we study the fish populations, size, weight, and biodiversity's of our School pond, Heaton's Pond, and Banner Creek Reservoir.  We spend time in the Kansas Fishing Regulations to understand the laws of fishing and why they are there. 

     The second category is Wildlife Management here we study most of this through four resources, Sand County Almanac, Kansas Private Lands Management, Kansas Fur Harvester, and Kansas Hunting Regulations.  We spend a lot of time identifying animals in a format called Naturally News and managing the animals in our classroom nature center ( with over 2/3 of them being rescued from drug house abuse) this part of the class is primarily responsible in the care and up keep of this nature center.

     The third category is in Forestry, we try to study the indentification of local trees and what it takes to manage them for landscape, windbreaks, and harvesting them with lumber and wood burning.

     The fourth category is Soil Conservation.  We learn how to be good land stewards on the soils around us.  We spend a lot of time here by learning how to maintain the soil around our local streams and rivers.  We work with the local SCS office (Jackson Soil Conservation District) to help local land owners to work with them to do the physical tree and grass planting and to help them in the in kind matching of the grants which will help the local landowners with out having to pay much for the project.

     We have and will always try hard to keep good working relationships with our local governments such as Jackson County Soil Conservation District, Kansas Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism, and other Local, State, and Federal agencies.