Some of the many animals  in our rehab  nature center.

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Red Tailed Boa loves eating mice.  A favorite of most snake lovers.

Baby sugar glider enjoying a warm loving hand.
Ornate box turtle just hanging out.


Jackson Heights nature center was originally designed to teach the students the identification, food requirement, and habitat needs of the native animals in Kansas,  With the recent increase of exotic animals released into the wild in Kansas we had to make the shift of our original focus of native to Kansas species we have made a gradual shift to the education of exotic animals that have been released or may have the potential release of certain exotics to the native areas in Kansas.  We have everything from a hedgehog to american aligators.  A large majority of our animals are exotic animals that have needed a home, but we also have several native to Kansas species.  We have several that were taken from abusive homes, and  even a few who were seized from drug houses.  Not all of our animals have a great cage for them to stay in.  We are always looking for ways to improve the artificial habitat for them to stay in.  Every animal contributes to the efforts to educate our youth on the physical differences the animals have as well as the proper respect and care of the animals.  We want to make sure that each and everyone of them is comfortable and live a happy life with us.  They have a loving environment as well.  However taking care of them properly is not easy and definitely not cheap. 

That is where we need your help!  We would like to ask you to sponsor an animal.  Even a small donation helps!