Gary Keehn

I have been teaching at Jackson Heights since August of 1998 and before this I taught at Highland High School since 1992.  Most of my focus in teaching has been to try and tie as much environmentals studies into the normal curriculum so students can have a better understanding of thier environment and the impacts they have on it.

I have worked over 9 years in various ways of park, wildlife, and outdoor education careers.  I have worked with the Corps of Engineers as a summer park ranger for three years in college.  I have assisted in the management of the Perry Wildlife Area for two years.  For two years I was the Wildlife Area Manager and Nature Center Director for the YMCA Storer Camp in Michigan.  I was the lead insturctor for the Ill. Rivers Program Biology section for  four summer teaching programs of the Rivers Project.  For the past 5 years I have been the State Coor. for the Kansas Archery In the Schools (NASP) and I am Specialist trained.

I have had the great opportunities of being on the writing teams of the following books that have been printed:      1) Illinois Rivers Program Biology Book,  2) Discover A Watershed The Missouri River,   3)  The Leopald Education Project Lessons in Land Ethics  KANSAS Edition,  4) Leopald Kansas Activity Card, Activities.

Awards that I have been blessed in recieving:  1)  John Strickler Award for Excellance in Conservation and Environmental Education,  2 )  Board of Directors Service Award,  both from Kansas Ass. For Invironmental Conservation and Education, 3) Teacher of the year at the local Jackson County District and State Teacher of the year at the State level County Conservation Districts for Two Years,   4)Clean Water Youth Watershed Summit Washington DC Teacher  5) National NASP State Coor.  6)  Stream Team of Year Award  (Jackson Heights and Highland High)  7)  Wildlife Conservationist of the Year  the last two are from the State and National Wildlife Federations.  8) Air Force Local and State Science Teacher of Year.

I love to spend my free time with my family doing outdoor activities.  My younger girls and I have broke horses and really enjoy time riding them.  I like to take my family fishing, hiking, and camping.  My family is very important to me.